Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are Plunging Necklines Worth It?

Rules are meant to be broken - especially by the young for whom most fashion is created.
Today many young women, and I am including those up to the age of 40, seem to be happy wearing plunging necklines for everyday wear. What happens if you want to look smart but for whatever reason, you do not feel comfortable wearing a plunging neckline? What do you do?
Here are three modern dressing tips for business and professional women over 40 so that you do not have to miss out on wearing some lovely modern fashions. These dressing tips can also apply to girls and women of any age who feel that the plunge is not for you.
Wear a Cami or Singlet Top Underneath
If you find a dress or top that plunges past your comfort point, consider buying or wearing a smooth-fitting cami or singlet top underneath. Both of these look smart and you can match, blend or contrast with the colour or pattern to your dress, skirt, pants or jeans. A fitted cami gives you the modesty you want. Make sure that the cami or singlet covers just the top of your bust. One that ends close to your collarbone looks old-fashioned.
If you prefer a cami to a singlet top, ignore those that have stretch straps as these do not hold the cami firmly in place. The cami can slip over time and you are back to revealing more of the plunge than you may prefer. This can attract unwanted comments from some men, especially if you are short like me. Yes, I learnt that lesson from experience. Stretch camis with built-in bras are a better alternative. If you want good support, wear a proper bra under these camis. As long as no one will see your bra straps, it does not matter.
I am not a fan of lace-top camis for a professional or business look as I believe they come across as either too casual or too sexual for a professional situation.
Be careful of beige and skin-toned camis or singlet tops as your neckline will still look plunging from a distance. Beige and skin-toned camis are great to wear under normal white tops, blouses or shirts when you do not want your bra to be visible.
Wear a Strapless Cami or Boob Tube Underneath
Some women wear boob tubes or strapless camis under revealing V necklines and low sleeveless underarms. You see the cami at your bustline, under your arms and across your back. Try them to see if you feel comfortable wearing them. If you have to keep hitching them up, do not buy them.
Ignore Plunging Necklines
Sometimes you just have to say - it is lovely but not for me. Even when you were young you rejected some fashion styles as not you. Be prepared to reject some plunging neckline styles and go look for something else.
Modest flattering swimwear can often be hard to find. One-piece swimwear and bikinis plunge a lot. Check out one-shouldered designs or swimwear with sheer front inserts that give a veiled glimpse of a plunge rather than an obvious view.
Bonus Tip
Try a classy back neckline plunge for one outfit only. The depth of the plunge is your choice, depending on whether you are wearing the top or dress in a professional, casual or night-time situation. A plunging back is unusual enough to be stylish, individual and timeless.
Rules are meant to be broken with style by smart women. Good quality camis and singlet tops can be very versatile fashion items. Let your personality shine as you turn plunging necklines into modern business dressing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump Effective?

If you have been asking the question, whether the Lansinoh Affinity breast pump is effective, then the answer is right here. After reading this article you will agree with me that there is no other breast pump that can work the same as the Lansinoh Affinity pump does. If you are looking for a cheaper pump that will not give you hard time cleaning it, then this is the breast pump for you as it has fewer parts for you to clean.
If you have just had your first child, and you do not have any experience with electric breast pumps, then you should purchase this breast pump as it is easy to use and all you need to know is highlighted in the simple manual that is in the package. Always make sure that in the package, there is a manual that will guide you as you use the pump. Otherwise the pump is easy to use, and you can also enquire from the retailer where you bought the pump, to guide you on how the pump is used for it to work effectively.
The world has now changed from being manual and had been digitalized. The Lansinoh Affinity breast pump is a digital product as well. You need to go through the guide to know how to use it because it works differently when compared to the original breast pump. Unlike the original Affinity pump, it has a letdown bottle that allows the milk to flow from the breast to the pump and into the bottle.
If for some reasons you cannot breastfeed your baby, then you should go for this pump, and you should be sure that it will not frustrate you as many people have used them and given a positive feedback in their reviews. Always remember to read the user reviews before you decide to buy the pump so that you can learn more about what other people are saying about this fantastic electric pump. The pump has been uniquely designed to pump milk into many bottles since it is one of the most advanced pumps that you will find in the market. As many people can tell you, the pump is cheaper and easily affordable, and you have no reason to continue starving your baby while you can just pump the milk and leave your baby happy the whole day while you are at work.
The Lansinoh Affinity breast pump can be powered by both AC adapters while you are at home or in the office, and they can also be powered by batteries while you are away from home. This is effective for those mothers who keep traveling every now and then. You can carry the pump with you and pump milk whenever you are ready. After getting your electric pump you will boost of the gentleness of the pump on your breasts. You will see how simple it is to use as you do not have to struggle. The pump has been designed for everyday use, and you can use it both at home and while away.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Look Younger

The search for eternal youth is a never ending quest. This is also why almost every 'revolutionary' product in the market that promises youthful appearance is lapped up eagerly by people. In the area of skin aging, wrinkles are the biggest enemy of a radiant, youthful appearance. When the collagen levels of the skin decrease with age or due to sun exposure, the skin loses its elasticity which results in wrinkles or premature aging. Even though home remedies such as the use of milk, honey, egg whites and honey may result in the skin looking smooth and wrinkle free temporarily, these home remedies fail to provide a long-lasting solution to wrinkles.
In several cases, non surgical or minimally invasive methods of removing wrinkles may provide very good results. One of the most common, and widely popular, methods of removing wrinkles is Botox. Botox injections are usually administered to the forehead or around the eye area and help to freeze the muscles, thus reducing wrinkles. The injections have to be repeated after every few months and are not known to cause any side effects.
The other popular and non invasive method of reducing wrinkles is the use of dermal fillers. In this treatment, dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Thermage are injected in the skin to augment the skin tissues in the wrinkle prone areas. So, they can be used to remove fine lines or wrinkles around eyes, mouth, forehead and chin. The results of dermal fillers last longer than botox injections. Since these dermal fillers are natural components of the skin, they cause no side effects.
Laser treatments, chemical peels and Threadlifts are the other popular methods that work wonders for wrinkle removal. Threadlifts involve the use of thin threads or sutures that are placed under the skin and tightened over a period of time to lift and pull the skin to give a smooth, wrinkle free appearance. Threadlifts are performed with the use of local anesthesia. Laser treatments involve the use of laser beams that penetrate the skin and remove the damaged skin cells and facilitate the replacement of the old skin with fresh skin. Chemical peels work on the same principle. They are applied on the skin to remove the old, damaged skin so that natural, fresh skin can take its place. The peels remove the outer layer of the skin and the healing process takes a few days.
However, for people who have deep wrinkles that do not respond to home remedies or non-surgical methods of removing wrinkles, the best options are the surgical means, or face lifts. Face lifts are performed under anesthesia and require admission to the hospital. The procedure provides long-lasting results. Under this surgical procedure, the sagging skin of the face or neck is removed, the facial muscles are tightened and the face contour is improved. Surgery may also be performed to lift the brow, sagging eyebrows and droopy eyelids.
As a candidate for any of the wrinkle removing procedures mentioned above, it is necessary to be introspective of one's own aesthetic goals. Sometimes, it may be possible to reach the goal with a less invasive procedure, while at other times one may need to combine face lift surgery with a neck lift or a brow lift to achieve the 'perfect' look.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Choosing An Infertility Center

When a couple is faced with an infertility problem the emotional weight they carry can be devastating. The emotional distress can cause doubt on every decision made including when it's time to turn to an infertility center for more extensive and costly infertility treatment. Researching medical journals or on the Internet will reveal 10 or more large institutions located in major cities.
Now before thinking you have to visit a well known infertility center you really want to take a look at what is offered in your hometown or nearest large city. Your 'local' infertility center may have the solution to your particular infertility issue and this will remove the added stress of travel and lodging which will take time away from work as well as add to the expense of the whole procedure.
Even before you think you need In Vitro Fertilization, or 'IVF" as it is known, make sure you have explored more common options such as various fertility medications, inter-uterine insemination where sperm is placed directly in the woman's uterus as well as alternative methods such as acupuncture.
In-Vitro Fertilization procedures can cost as much as $35,000 so if you are not able to really afford that and can spend 6 months or so trying various alternative methods it can literally pay off in a relatively short period of time then you'll have that extra cash to go towards baby expenses or start that college fund.
When you actually visit an infertility center remember that you are going there to see if they are the right fit for you and your situation. Make sure they are very clear when discussing which procedures and any other work they are going to do and you will want this in writing so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.
Checking ahead of time with your insurance agent regarding the tests and procedures the center will perform is important so you know what your insurance company will cover and exactly what you can expect to pay out of pocket.
If the infertility center outsources certain tests or other types of lab work make sure you know which lab will be doing the work so you don't get any surprises a few months down the road. The percentage of multiple births is also an important factor. While twins can be a cause for joyous celebration you will have two babies to care for at the same time.
Triplets will obviously be a lot more work than a single baby. There is also the cost of raising a child in dollars and cents. If you suddenly find yourself pregnant with triplets the pregnancy can be more difficult and then there is the work load and cost of raising three babies simultaneously.
When you are dealing with an infertility problem it can be very personal and you might feel intimidated at times but you need to force yourself past that and ask any and all questions you have no matter how 'stupid' they might seem. You need to know!
One other problem you might have is when you are questioning an infertility center they might not be totally forthcoming when giving you answers. An infertility center is a business just like any other and is expected to return as high a profit as possible.
You can ask about similar couples with the same issue you are facing and what the success rate is and you can also ask to speak with the staff of the infertility center and while they are obviously not going to say anything bad about where they work you can get a 'feel' for them.
Despite the emotional roller coaster you may find yourself on you need to stay calm and make the best decision possible.