Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Determining Candidates for Labia Reduction Surgery

Most women have a normal-sized labia minora, which is the inner lips of skin covering the vaginal opening. The labia minora is not visible when the woman stands with her legs together because it is tucked inside of the labia majora, or the outer set of lips.
However, some women have larger-than-normal labia minora, or asymmetrical labia minora in which one portion is larger than normal. The large labia minora protrudes from within the labia majora, and in some cases it can be seen when the woman wears a bathing suit or form-fitting clothing. In addition to these problems, large labia can be chafed by tight clothing, cause painful sexual intercourse, or cause embarrassment during intimate moments.
Labia Reduction Surgery 
Labia reduction surgery is a procedure that trims the labia down to a normal size. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and in many cases, a local anesthetic is sufficient to numb the area for surgery. The procedure typically lasts less than one hour, and the patient is allowed to return home after a brief recovery period.

Methods for Labia Reduction 
Physicians use different methods for labia reduction, depending on the size and thickness of the labia and the physician's preferred method for surgery. One method is the edge resection technique in which the surgeon trims the excess skin at the edges and sutures the incision shut. Another method used in labiaplasty is the central wedge resection technique. This method removes a wedge from the tissue, which may create a more natural appearance after the surgery for some women. Finally, some physicians use the de-epithelialization technique, which cuts the epithelium and reduces the amount of excess vertical tissue.

No matter which technique the physician chooses, the recovery time for a labia reduction surgery is relatively quick compared to many other gynecological procedures. Women with jobs that are not physically demanding can typically return to work within three to four days, and most women can have sexual intercourse again within four weeks.

Like any surgery, labia reduction surgery does present some risks. Although rare, the largest risk of the procedure is infection. In rare instances, some women develop scars at the incision site, or experience damage to the nerves in the labia.

Most women experience less pain and chafing after the labia reduction surgery. In addition, because the surgery reduces the size of the labia, it should no longer be visible when the patient stands with her legs together or wears form-fitting clothing. Finally, many women report an increase in confidence during intimate moments and an increase in sexual pleasure because the labia no longer become chafed during sexual intercourse.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Choosing and Caring for Silver Jewellery

Since the dawn of time, women have been attracted to beautiful things, and have wanted to look good. It's no wonder that jewellery ranks as one of the top accessories women favor in the quest to look their best. Silver is a great addition to your jewellery collection and can be dressed up in many different ways. Silver is a precious metal that is easily manipulated to form various shapes, according to what you want to achieve. Due to its semi-durability, it's mixed with a bit of copper to strengthen and protect it from damage. This means that great care should be taken to maintain the original shine and look of your silver jewellery.
When shopping for silver jewellery, make sure that the type you're looking for is sterling silver. Check that the silver is actually sterling by looking for the number .925 engraved on the jewellery. What this means is that 92.5 percent of the jewellery is pure silver, with a bit of copper and nickel added in. What you want to avoid is any jewellery that is 'silver plated' because, quite simply, this is just metal with a coating of silver, and with time, the coating will wear away and reveal the inferior metal underneath.
Silver jewellery is a great way of adorning any outfit, and is perfect for all occasions. Some tips for caring for it include: never swim in your silver jewellery. The silver will react with the chlorine or other minerals in the water and fade much faster with time. When you're out of the shower and preparing yourself to leave the house, don't lotion yourself up with your silver ring, bracelets or earrings on. They should be the last thing you put on.
Remove your jewellery and keep it safe before working out at the gym to avoid discoloration. It's a good idea to invest in a silk pouch that will serve as somewhere you'll store your silver jewellery when you're not wearing it, protecting it from scratches and accidental bumps. Regularly polish and clean your silver jewellery. You can easily do this with warm water and a soft cloth every so often, and then polishing it using a specially prepared lacquer that you can find in most jewellery shops.
Before buying silver jewellery, make sure that you're not allergic to it. Most people don't know what it is that they're allergic to when they get a reaction from wearing jewellery. In most cases, silver allergy is in fact due to the other metals that are found in sterling silver jewellery. You could speak to your doctor about this and ask for a test to confirm this allergy.Silver is always relatively low in price, especially in comparison to gold, so it won't put a dent in your finances. It looks good and gives that extra sparkle to an outfit, making you stand out. Silver jewellery is a perfect gift idea that will bring a smile to the person receiving it, and will carry memories of fondness for years to come.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Can You Be A Feminist And Sill Wear Sexy Lingerie?

This is the 21st Century, after much struggling and brow beating woman achieved liberation; gone are the days where we have to hide our bodies and minds, yet many women still cower when it comes to sexy lingerie designed to raise blood pressures. Why is it that even the most independent modern woman can still be crippled with self-consciousness and dislike parts of her body? Or is the problem related to the fact that sexy lingerie is seen as an indulgence for the men's eye?
Sexy Lingerie - Can You Wear It For Your Own Pleasure?
Wearing sexy lingerie doesn't make us anti-feminists or any less of an independent woman. Sexy lingerie it is a multi-million pound industry and, girls, now is the time to jump on the band wagon if you haven't already! Sexy lingerie is not about the man who gets to see it. It's about how it makes us women feel, it's a piece of clothing that can make us feel confident and sexy. You don't even need to have a man, sexy lingerie isn't always about having someone to show it off to, and you should only ever wear clothing that makes you feel good!
Bra Burning - What Does It Even Mean?
Some may say its anti-feminist, however lingerie has been a tool used by the feminist movement as far back as the 1800's, from corset burnings in 1874 to the Bra burnings in the 1960's and 70's. The fact is women were not burning bras and corsets because they didn't believe that women should indulge in sexy lingerie. The bras were used as a symbol. The very purpose of bras and corsets were to be restrictive, structured and supportive this was why they were used as a symbol of the restrictions for women in society. In fact the feminist movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's promoted the idea of the bra over the corset as they believed it was more suitable for women's advancing role in society.
Wear Lingerie Because You Feel Like It!
So even if you purchased a sexy chemise, babydoll or teddy to show off to your partner, are you pandering to a male's whim or your own? No longer do we wear lingerie to pander to society's preferred female shape, like women suffered for hundreds of years. We can wear whatever type of lingerie we want whether that is a teddy, corset, chemise, or baby doll. The shape and look that you go for is entirely your own choice.
So just because you are strutting your stuff in a delectable piece of lingerie does not make you anti-feminist even if you are wearing it for your partners enjoyment. The stereotype of a feminist is not a common reality!